The Team

SpiceXplorer - Founders

Thomas Wiegele

Entrepreneur and Branding

My interest for spices started in 2016 as I conducted an ethnography in India and got to taste some of their traditional meals. I got fascinated and looked into the science and traditions of using spices in different ages & cultures. It became a way for me to explore the world. As many home-chefs are intimidated by spices, I started this project to help them discover new flavors, health benefits and also part of the world’s food heritage

SpiceXplorer - Founders

Alexis Darrius

Product designer

I am a french entrepreneur who is also a creative engineer with a strong technical background seeking for new challenges. My passion is to bring ideas to reality by creating and designing all kind of objects with a preference for projects that have a positive impact on the environment and the people. With Spicero, I hope everyone will have a better food experience !
Did I mention that I am food fan ?

Project Spicero

SpiceXplorer started as a year-end project for a master thesis in March 2020 and turned into an entrepreneurial project.

As traditional pestle-mortars are slowly fading away from our kitchens, we worked on modernizing them since spices taste much better when crushed instead of chopped. That’s how we got the idea of Spicero started.

Our first obstacle was to replicate the action of pounding and grinding in a compact appliance. We spent 3 months to create the first prototype of Spicero and interviewed 700 people in the U.S, the UK and Singapore to test its potential.

We used all the feedbacks to go back to the drawing board and develop a 2nd prototype with a better mechanism, a new design and some requested features.

At SpiceXplorer, our immediate ambition is to sell Spicero and create a community to share recipes. In the future, we want to increase the experience by selling spices produced from all around the world.

SpiceXplorer - Founders