Spicero | Best mortar and pestle


Automatic mortar and pestle

The authentic taste of spices, effortlessly, every day

Spices are much better when freshly grinded but nobody wants to spend the time and effort to do it. Let Spicero prepare your spice blends & pastes and enjoy tastier meals !

Spicero | Best pepper grinder

Perfect grinding

Spicero replicates the traditional method of pounding and grinding done by pestle and mortars.

By bashing, crushing and pressing spices, Spicero produces much stronger flavors and aromas than conventional mixer grinders.


Let Spicero prepare your spices while you can focus on something else.

Spicero | Automatic mortar and pestle
Spicero | Community app for spices

Fulfill your wanderlust

We are building a community of SpiceHeroes to share spicy recipes from cuisines all around the world.


Become a SpiceHero and discover new savory experiences from the comfort of your home.

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Blends or pastes, Spicero does it all

Spicero | Spices ground in mortar and pestle
Spicero | Spice pastes prepared in mortar and pestle