True Genovese Pesto

15 min


15 €



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4 servings

Craving for Pesto ? We got you with an easy yet Authentic Genovese Pesto recipe. 10min is all you need to eat a great dinner.

Fettuccine with authentic Genovese pesto


  • 60g of fresh Basil

  • 40g of Pine nuts

  • 2 Garlic cloves

  • 3 tbsp of Olive oil

  • 1/2 tsp of Black pepper


  • 80g of gratted Parmigiano


Step 1

Peel the basil leaves (60g) and wash them under cold water. Dry the leaves using some kitchen paper towel.

Step 2

Use a pan and roast the pine nuts (50g) at medium heat for 3 minutes without oil.

Step 3

Finely slice the garlic cloves (2)

Step 4 - Mixer/Blender

  • Start by adding the basil leaves, the garlic cloves, the roasted pine nut, the black pepper (1/2 tsp) and blend the ingredients for 1 min.

  • Add a third of the gratted parmigiano and 1 tbsp of olive oil and blend for another 1 minute. Repeat this step until all the ingredients are used. Done !

Step 4 - Mortar and Pestle

While it requires more time and effort, Genovese Pesto trully shines when done in a Mortar and Pestle. The Pesto World Championship is done using Mortar and Pestle, I would trust them on that ! Back to the recipe.

Take half of the basil leaves and start grinding. Once volume is reduced, put the other half and continue to pound and grind until most of the leaves have been squashed.

Step 5

Add the roasted pine nuts in the mortar and pestle. While pounding and grinding, blend the pine nuts with the basil to create a paste.

Step 6

Add a third of your gratted Parmigiano and 1 tbsp of Olive oil a mix it with your Basil-Pine nuts paste. Repeat until all the Parmigiano and Olive oil are used.

Blended or grinded, your homemade genovese pesto is now ready to be mixed with the pasta of your choice :) !